Instructions for

What you Need

In order to try our experience you will need the following things.

Google Pixel

Google Daydream

Computer or Phone

Before You Start

Start by familiarizing yourself with the experience and setup of the app and equipment. Use the “Individual” link to guide yourself through the experience.

When introducing the experience to others, it is best not to reveal the subject matter. This will help participants to enter the experience with an open mind. Instead, let them know that they can stop at any time if they feel uncomfortable. Ask them to forget who they are and imagine that they are an anonymous person going through the experience.

This may be the first time members of your group have experienced virtual reality. The equipment is easy to use but may feel foreign at first. If participants are less familiar it will be helpful for you to facilitate setup. You can demonstrate how to put the equipment on or assist them in getting it on. When the equipment is on, senses will be diminished. This can make some people feel vulnerable. Get their consent if you are physically assisting in putting on equipment. “Is it okay if I tighten your goggles?” “May I put the headphones on you now?”

Occasionally, virtual reality can bring on sensations of motion sickness. We’ve designed the program to reduce this effect. Tightly fastening the goggles so that the images are clear will also help. Goggles should feel comfortable and not rest on the cheekbones. Assure participants that they may remove the goggles at any time if they feel uncomfortable.

Once you’ve helped participants to get setup, you can instruct them based on the “How to start” guide detailed below. It’s helpful for you to stay nearby in case they have questions during the experience.

After the participants have finished the experience, go to the “After the experience” section.

If you want to show the experience to a large group or audience, you can use the following app to project the experience on a larger screen while it is being played: Download AirDroid

How to Start

  • Step 1

    Download the App

    Download and install the app on a Daydream compatible phone.
    Download Thin Line

    List of Daydream ready phones can be found here:
    Daydream-ready phones

    To setup the controller for left handed use, follow the instructions on the following link: Manage Daydream VR settings

  • Step 2

    Get Prepared

    Start the app and place the phone in the Daydream goggles, following the app’s onscreen instructions.

  • Step 3

    Start the Experience

    • Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit away from a desk or objects that may obstruct your movement.
    • Put on the headset and adjust it to be comfortable.
    • Put on the headphones.
    • To recenter the scene, press a long click on the home button on the controller.
      For more information on how to recenter the scene:
      Recenter the Scene
    • Start the experience by clicking once on the main, uppermost button on the controller.
  • Step 4

    End the Experience

    When the experience is over, remove the headphones and headset and shut down the app to prevent the device from overheating.

After the Experience

Once a participant has completed the virtual reality experience, guide them to complete the online survey. The survey can be accessed through This will help them to process their response to the program. Finally, use the discussion guide to facilitate an individual or group conversation.

Having Problems?

Search here for assistance on using the Google Daydream